Welcome to my Blog! I am so happy you made it here. I pray that this can be a place that encourages you and helps to grow you in your faith.

God is moving in a powerful way! He is up to something wonderful and wants to take you along for the ride. However, we have to position ourselves in a posture to be empowered, engaged, and used by Him. This is not something that we can just sit around and passively take part in.

A prime example of this is marriage. Can a married couple stay connected and engaged with each other if there is not communication between them? No, and in the same way we must be proactive in communicating with God. He is always talking to us, but if we do not remain in a place where we can hear Him, how do we expect to maintain the intimacy needed to be used?

My goal for this forum is to share with you nuggets and insights I have gleaned over the years to help you to be empowered, to successfully walk in a manner that you can prosper. Not only yourself but so you can be a witness, as each one of us are all called to be. See this is not a passive faith, Jesus intended for us to share our faith so that others will not be lost. We must be made ready, not distracted or confused in who we are.

So let’s go and get started.

I pray that as you read through the information here that God blesses you. That He opens your heart and mind to His spirit and helps you to flow in a way that brings praise to His name. That you become more than you could have ever seen yourself to be.


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