Hebrews 4:9-11 The Passion Translation (TPT)

9 So we conclude that there is still a full and complete “rest” waiting for believers to experience. 10 As we enter into God’s faith-rest life we cease from our own works, just as God celebrates his finished works and rests in them. 11 So then we must give our all and be eager to experience this faith-rest life, so that no one falls short by following the same pattern of doubt and unbelief.

When we come to know God through salvation he gives us His reset. Yet we must use faith to move into this arena. We must lay down our burdens at His feet like Israel would lay down a lamb for sacrifice at the alter. It is not to be picked up again, but instead it is to die there. We are not to keep picking up the burdens of our live but instead to leave them in the capable hands of Jesus.

Consider this:

  • Have you ever refused to lay down your burdens?
  • Are you currently carrying something that is not yours any longer?
  • Are you using faith to help you move into God’s reset?
  • If not:
    • Pray that God open your eyes to see the lie that you must carry this all on your own.
    • Pray that you have the strength to lay it all down at His feet.
    • Pray that He fill you fresh with His Holy Spirit and restore your peace.

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