Psalm 22:3 World English Bible (WEB)

3 But you are holy,
    you who inhabit the praises of Israel.

When we begin to move into a place where we have a regular worship time, we open the door for Him to actively take part with us. He becomes very present with us in our lives. We get the ball rolling in the direction of Him coming and fellowshipping with us. He desires not only our worship but our communion with Him. He desires for us to invite Him in. 

Consider this:

  • Has there been a time that you did not take time to praise God during your day?
  • Have you been in this place and gotten so busy that you no longer place the same value on that time?
  • If so:
    • Pray that God forgive you for neglecting spending time with Him.
    • Begin to daily invite Him to be an active part of you day.
    • Make a reminder for yourself to take time to pray and praise Him daily. (This does not have to start out as a long session. It can be short and then allow Him to give you the strength to go longer)

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