liberate, equip, and empower

At the heart of Moose Ministries is the call to the nations.


Help educate and equip those in need.

We are passionately driven to liberate, equip, and empower all that are lost.

Our mission is to help educate and equip those in need, leading them not only to a saving knowledge of Jesus, but also to equip them for a successful life in Christ.

We also look to the needs of the local communities we touch.

We currently are planning to reach out in the form of medical missions, providing clean water to areas that don’t have access to it, or even providing small solar energy cells to help local ministers have the tools they need to reach the community.

this years projects.

Hosea 4:6 

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledg…

I am actively working to help establish The Abba’s House School of Ministry, a bible training and equipping program. 

In The Peruvian Amazon, most Christians don’t own a bible or have access to regular biblical instruction. To confront this issue, we’re creating “The School of the Supernatural.” The school will be a multi-purpose ministry training center serving believers in the Loredo region of Peru.

past projects.

communities we've reached

Ivonne went to Guatemala June of 2015 for a medical missions trip.

This was primarily a medical mission with Abbas House where people were provided medical care and an evangelistic team was there to talk to them about Jesus while they waited.

In Summer of 2015 God ignited a deaper desire to reach the nations when ministering in Nicaragua with my local church, Abbas House – Chattanooga, TN.

Mission Trip 2015
We had over 300 salvations and witnessed God move powerfully in love and compassion.

I am so honored to have been able to serve and minister in this beautiful nation!

Ivonne went on a medical mission to Dominican Republic June of 2017.

They helped the community of Cien Fuegos and provided attention to the children of the Abbas House children center and their families. While the people waited an evangelistic team shared the gospel with the crowd.

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