These last three months have just flown by.The first two and a half months were very busy as I was preparing to lead the outreach to Peru, all while I was studying for and teaching in the Abbas House School of Ministry here in Chattanooga, TN. I have now come back from the field and am happy to report all went well. 
It is such a blessing to watch God move and change lives here in the United States and then having the opportunity to go and help equip and empower pastors in hard to reach areas, it’s incredible. 
We were able to continue working on the documentary The Remembered Ones. This process helped shed light on the areas that need further attention within the churches in the jungle.This will be used to further move individuals into areas where breakthrough is needed. This will even help to stretch and grow the pastors in different areas so they will be more effective vessels reaching the lost in their villages. 

Areas that stood out:

  • The things that stood out the most regarding the pastors in each remote area:
    • Growth, in faith and study to be effective in ministry
    • Many do not spend enough time ministering to their own families
    • Some have church services 6-7 times a week

Areas we are starting an action plan for:

  • Build up local pastors in the foundations of the Word of God
    • So that they can better reach their villages.
  • Coach on proper time allocation
    • Family life
    • Church life
    • Scheduling
  • Create a system of accountability for the pastors
    • Spiritual growth
    • Family
    • Study of God’s Word
We are also glad to report that the Lord moved in many signs and wonders, mainly in the areas of healing and deliverance! We also saw at least 25 salvations that we know of, the faith of many were increased and encouraged. Ministries have been birthed, others we saw united.  The fact that we went to them during such a hard and dangerous time made an incredible impact on every village we touched.

While there, we were able to take three water filters into the village of Bretaña.  Clean water will most certainly change the lives of the villages and the ministry in Bretaña for years to come.  (Filter expectancy = 2-3 years)   The difference that these filters make will have an effect for a lifetime! 

Pre-filtered and filtered from the filter we took in.

Thank everyone that joined our team and making reaching the Peruvian Amazon River Basin a success! Without your generous donation  this work would not have 
been possible.

Thank you so much for your generosity!!!
 In Him,
Kirk Moose 

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