It's time to Go back to peru.

Revival does not come without those that go...

it's time to stir up revival

This year Trophy Lakes Church, Truth Tabernacle of Praise, and Moose Ministries are all joining together in a Kingdom effort in the jungle village of Bretaña, Perú.
We are on a mission to stir up revival in this remote region.
After a long stint of COVID, the churches in the jungle need an awakening.

This is the first year that my oldest son Matthew will be joining me in the mission field. I'm so excited and proud that he wants to go and share the love of Christ.
While there, we will have two teams:
One team will be focused on ministering to stir up revival, while the other team will be focused on building a church in another village 3 hours away.

First of all, prayer coverage is critical! Please lift us up in prayer as we prepare for this trip. Secondly, please prayerfully consider joining us financially.
Your financial support is the fuel that helps spread the good news! Through your prayers and  generosity,  you are partaking in this important work alongside us.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Any amount helps, please know that ALL funds received
help bring clean water to remote areas of the Amazon jungle
where the need for the Word of God and practical resources is great.
Your seed makes that possible.
Thank you!

Bretaña Perú