With just over 2.5 million inhabitants, Medellin is Colombia’s second largest city. Along with this distinction, Medellin is also recognized as having a human trafficking pandemic. Impoverished young women and girls are by far the most at risk.

Here at Moose Ministries, one of our core values is to LIBERATE.

So, with that in mind, we have decided to take on human trafficking in the city of Medellin head on. Here’s how we are liberating the captives:
There are a host of challenges for those who are fortunate enough to come out of trafficking. The question many times boils down to this: Now what??

Alternative Income

We are partnering with trustworthy ministries on the ground in Colombia to equip women with skills that will allow them to make a living and avoid them having to return to horrors from which they came. Colombia is known for having some of the best coffee in the world. What way to better help than to provide barista training for former trafficking victims? We are excited about seeing Colombia’s newest baristas empowered with their new skills!
One of the future initiatives is to do just that!


 While the physical scars are visible and heal, the emotional trauma is invisible and takes much longer to heal. Counseling is a critical part of what we do. Providing a safe place that empowers women to speak up, share their stories, and foster inner healing is just another way we help those coming out of sexual trafficking.

To bring true lasting FREEDOM 

Help them find inner peace and stability through the Gospel. Providing girls and women with assistance to meet their temporal needs is important. However, meeting temporal needs pales in comparison with the understanding of one’s true IDENTITY in Christ.

How can you help: