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Remaining In God

So many times, we forget what it means to remain. This is especially true when it comes to remaining in God and His secret place. Yet the act of remaining is critical. Think about a plant, what happens if it does not remain in the soil? Then what about a fish, if it does not

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Seek The Prophetic

The prophetic gift and call is not one we should brush off. We are encouraged in the word of God to reach beyond our comfort zone, Paul tells us to seek out this gift. He encourages us to dig in deeper and experience God in a new and revealing way. Proverbs 29:18 18 Where there

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Why Do Many In The Prophetic Not Hearing As They Should

As a people called to flow in a prophetic voice, many times we fail and fall short in hearing His voice. The word pf God says that His sheep know His voice and another they will not follow John 10:4-5. However, many times the failure is as simple as us allow ourselves to get too

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Do We Really Consider Our Purpose

Do we really consider our purpose, or do we simply go through the motions? When we seek the day after day life and give no thought to God what does that make us? We are a people that are called to be intentional. Yet to many times we live without intent. We live a life

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Stewardship Lets Dig Deeper

God called us to be good care takers and stewards of our lives and world. He did not just say be good with your finances or to only work had at your job. No, He said to be a good steward and to do everything in a way that brings praise to Him.   Colossians

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