Who We Are

Equip, Empower, and Liberate

Moose Ministries

We expect and empower positive change

Enriching Education

We desire to train and equip others with the word of God. Not only for their enrichment but also so that they can reach others for Christ. We need partners like you to help us have the resources to touch as many lives as possible.

Meeting Need’s Of Locals

Where ever we go we do our best to reach the needs of the locals. Whether it be through clean water, clothing, or food. At the same time we do not stand in the pattern of giving hand outs. Rather we do our best to help equip the people we reach so they can become self sustaining.

Filtered Drinking Water

We are actively working to get water filters into areas that suffer form lack or clean water. We have been blessed to have had several water filtering companies offer discounts to help us with the work we do.


Medical Mission Outreach

We are planning future Medical Outreaches into the Peruvian Amazon River Basin and beyond.

Local Teaching And OutReach

Not only do we work in foreign nations in hard to reach areas but we also are active in our local community. We work hard to help develop and establish biblical training, outreach through programs like ESL, and strategic partnerships that help to strengthen and empower the local community and we have conferences to help empower the local body of Christ and bring unity in the church.

A Heart For The World

We desire to reach the world with the Gospel! While this is our end goal, we do not desire to plant a foreign missionary everywhere we go. Instead we are aiming at training and equipping locals with the knowledge and training needed to reach there town, province, and nation for christ.

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