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There are many ways you can support us. Click bellow for a complete list.

Volunteer To Make A Difference

You can join one of our teams. Qualified individuals can travel with us and help impact the world. You can even volunteer at one of our local events.

Partner Through Giving

Financial giving is a critical part of all we do. Your financial support is what makes this all possible. You are just as much a part of the active work on the ground when you partner with us.

At the heart of Moose Ministries is the call to the nations.

We are passionately driven to liberate, equip, and empower all that are lost.

Our mission is to help educate and equip those in need, leading them not only to a saving knowledge of Jesus, but also to equip them for a successful life in Christ.

We also look to the needs of the local communities we touch.

Our Mission

Enriching Education

We are actively working and desire to train and equip others with the word of God. Not only for their enrichment but also so that they can reach others for Christ. We need partners like you to help us have the resources to touch as many lives as possible.

Meeting Needs Of Locals

Wherever we go, we do our best to reach the needs of the locals. Whether it be through clean water, clothing, or food, at the same time, we do not operate simply by giving handouts. Rather, we do our best to help equip the people we reach so they can become self-sustaining.

Filtered Drinking Water

We are actively working to get water filters into areas that suffer from the lack of clean water. We have been blessed to have several water filtering companies offer discounts, helping us to do more in the work we do.

Medical Mission Outreach

We desire not only to take in supplies but to make a lasting difference in peoples lives. We hope to take medical mission teams into the remote areas we work to help bring relief and educate locals on health and hygiene.

A Heart For The World

We desire to reach the world with the Gospel! While this is our primary goal, we do not desire to plant a foreign missionary everywhere we go. Instead, we aim to train and equip locals with the knowledge and training needed to reach their town, province, and nation for Christ.

Kirk Moose

You Can Be A Part Of What We Do...

Our culture is not to simply give a handout, we desire long term change. We don't want to simply chase a quick fix that makes us feel good for the moment. A strategic partnership is critical if we are going to make a lasting difference in the world. Together we can make a positive change both physically and spiritly. As the saying goes: "Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime." Your partnership through ether financial giving or volunteerism makes all these changes possible! Togeather we can train and equip individuals in need, empowering them for change.

Our Projects

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Amazon Rain Forest
Biblical Training

our partners empower us to do more good for more people!


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Kirk Moose

An ordained minister having served in the Chattanooga area at his local church. He helped to establish a youth mentoring program, a men’s life group, co lead the prophetic roundtable, and played an important role in helping to establish School of Ministry at his local church. He also is the Executive Director of Moose Ministries.

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